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ACME Panel produces high quality SIPs and services.

We are committed to providing excellent support through each step. Our packages are cut well, complete and arrive on time. We proudly publish our panel prices below for your convenience. 

SIPs Pricing Calculator

The prices below are for SIP panel “blanks”. To use the calculator choose your size and quantity based on the exterior vertical square footage of your project. Many projects will qualify for reduced project-level pricing, reach out using the form below to find out if you may be eligible.




per SQFT



4.625 16 $9.14 $292.48 $292.48
6.5 24 $9.73 $311.36 $311.36
8.25 32 $10.40 $332.80 $332.80
10.25 40 $10.94 $350.08 $350.08
12.25 48 $11.47 $367.04 $367.04

Structural Insulated Panel Prices

Panels manufactured with 7/16″ OSB on both sides with a high density EPS foam core. The cost below are for Structural Insulated Panel “blanks”, reach out using the form below to determine if you are eligible for reduced project-level pricing.




per SQFT



4' x 8' 4' x 10' 4' x 12' 4' x 14' 4' x 16' 4' x 20' 4' x 24' 8' x 24'
4.625 16 $9.14 $292.48 $365.60 $438.72 $511.84 $584.96 $731.20 $877.44 $1,754.88
6.5 24 $9.73 $311.36 $389.20 $467.04 $544.88 $622.72 $778.40 $934.08 $1,868.16
8.25 32 $10.40 $332.80 $416.00 $499.20 $582.40 $665.60 $832.00 $998.40 $1,996.80
10.25 40 $10.94 $350.08 $437.60 $525.12 $612.64 $700.16 $875.20 $1,050.24 $2,100.48
12.25 48 $11.47 $367.04 $458.80 $550.56 $642.32 $734.08 $917.60 $1,101.12 $2,202.24

Prices subject to change. Please call to confirm current pricing. Pricing last updated on 12/2/23.

Starting a SIP project? Here's the additional costs you'll want to consider:

Unless you are ordering blank panels, there are additional costs to consider in your pricing to ensure your panels are as easy as possible to assemble. For a more exact quote, reach out using the form on the right.

Better pricing may be available.

Reach out to start a conversation about pricing your SIP project.

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Nationwide Service with Competitive Shipping Rates Tailored to the Eastern United States

ACME Panel produces the highest quality, greenest Structural Insulated Panels Available with competitive SIP pricing.

When time is of the essence, we can often ship blank panels in less than two weeks. Our location along I-81, I-77, and I-64 allows for faster delivery and competitive shipping rates in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

While clients outside these states may find our shipping prices higher, our overall costs may still be lower than many of our competitors.

Why choose ACME?

A Greener Company

We are the ONLY solar-powered SIPs manufacturer in the country, and take our role as a green company very seriously.

Professional Experience

ACME has worked with Builders, Architects, Timber Framers and Homeowners to design and build over 500 structures to stringent standards including Energy Star, LEED, Net Zero, Passive House and more!

Quality Materials

Pressing panels using a hydraulic system (not vacuum system) and having third party testing by NTA means ACME Panels are straight, square and well laminated. We inspect all projects for quality and accuracy.