SIPs Tolerances & Specifications​


ACME Panel SIPs are third-party tested to exceed IRC standards.

Our SIPs are manufactured under a rigorous, 12-step quality control program to ensure that they meet the highest standards. This program is audited quarterly and verified by the independent auditor, NTA, Inc. Testing includes pull tests, foam density checks, and glue spreading rates, among many others. ACME panels routinely require in excess of 2,200 lbs. of pressure to pull apart.

Full SIPs specifications for your Project: Here are the Standard Structural specifications from the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) that architects and general contractors can use for their project


ACME R-values are true to their listed values, so an R-16 panel will perform as an R-16 value once installed in the field.

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Panel Thickness

Panel Tolerances

ACME Panel SIPs are more uniform than traditional framing.


Precut measurements

± 1⁄8


± 3⁄32


± 1⁄4


± 1⁄8

Squareness across end

± 1⁄16

Let the SIPs do the work.​

Larger headers, thicker panels with less inserts.