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Why choose SIPs?

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer a sound investment; appraisers now recognize energy efficient homes deserve higher home values because of the reduced heating and cooling costs. Our buildings save on average 50% in utilities compared to a new home built to the minimum building standards. SIPs offer a healthier home environment and guarantee a better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With a faster construction time, Structural Insulated Panels can be installed in days rather than weeks. We look forward to helping build a better home for the environment that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and your environmental footprint.

Build for the future

Most Americans live in a home for more than 8 years. Invest in yourself by building with structural insulated panels; SIPs will provide a better return on your initial investment in 5-7 years by decreasing your utility bills and construction time. Not only will you have lower utility bills, your home will be more comfortable to live in with much less air leakage and better air ventilation.

Strength & Safety

SIPs are 3x as strong against weather compared to a standard framed wall and have minimal structural damage compared to other homes after hurricanes and tornadoes. With high velocity hurricane testing, ACME Panels are engineered to withstand up to 200 mph; make sure you build a stronger home to last

Guaranteed Quality

With many homes built at the lowest cost possible and building crews at their busiest, it is difficult to ensure the quality of your home’s framing, insulation and structure. Fortunately with SIPs building accuracy is ensured because all projects are created with a 3D model to match your plans. You can determine the effective quality of insulation here.

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