Timber Framers

Timber Framing is a specialized craft, just like SIPs. Let's partner together to build an extremely strong, energy efficient home.


Know your Partners

At ACME, our supervisors come from timber frame shops and quality home builders who know how important accurate measurements are. Day in and day out, ACME Panel works to provide friendly and competent services to you. You can count on us for accurate bids for your frame, good communication about panel layouts, detail connections and installation.

Our Structural Insulated Panels are sized specifically for your project, using 4’ materials for small projects and 8×24’s for larger installs. We also provide equipment with detailed panel drawings and engineering. Full SIPs and lumber pre-cutting with reliable, complete and accurate panel packages are also available. We can provide as much or as little as you need to make your next install as easy as possible.

Supporting each other

As proud Members of the Timber Framers Guild, ACME Panel Company works to expand both the SIPs market and potential timber frame homes for our timber frame partners. Because timber designs work extremely well with SIPs we regularly suggest timber frames as an exceptional building solution for our clients.

Partner up with ACME on your next project.

ACME Panel understands Timber Framers have a deep knowledge of their craft and build with exceptional professionalism. Let us be a trusted partner in your building projects. We offer a 10% discount for repeat business with Timber Framers.

Cut down on time and hassle from order to install.

Helping Timber Framers build timber frames by making the rest easy.