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Looking for design resources for your project?

ACME Panel provides the following resources for architects and designers to make it easy to specify SIPs in your High Performance Building design.

The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) has put together a document describing what you will need to know when preparing to build with panels. ACME Panel recommends reading over this document before beginning your designs if you have not built with panels before.

NTA is one of the largest manufacturer’s testing agencies. ACME SIPs are made in controlled environment with documented Quality Control Steps that are certified and audited four times per year. ACME uses five hydraulic presses and multiple racking systems to ensure accuracy and narrow tolerances when manufacturing.  SIP strengths are documented with NTA Code reports and upheld through periodic testing.

SIPs are build in a very similar fashion to a stickframe system, however some of the attachment details may differ. These documents shows multiple different sections for walls and roof connections. If you have a specific detail you are concerned over, please contact an ACME Panel representative.

These specifications are a PDF of information an architect, designer, or builder can use when preparing the specification documents needed for bidders when creating a proposal. The specifications don’t call ACME Panel out as the required manufacturer as we operate under the assumption that other manufacturers within SIPA will have an opportunity to bid the project as well.

SIPs use fasteners to attach to supports through the panels. The SIP fasteners have 1 ¾” of thread and need a minimum of ¾” of attachment. ACME Panel will specify your fastening pattern on the panel layout drawings.

AIA Classes

ACME Panel can host AIA classes for credit. Call us and we can plan a “Lunch and Learn” about Structural Insulated Panels. You can also take classes online through the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA).

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