Specialty Panels

Preservative Insecticide for EPS Foam & OSB

ACME can manufacture panels made with EPS foam and OSB infused with Preventol®, a termite protection using a preservative insecticide with low water solubility and higher effectiveness at lower doses than borate salts. Price will vary depending on panel size. Please allow for longer lead times as this is a special-order product.

Neopor foam SIPs: If some is good, more is better.

Neopor is formed by injecting graphite into the EPS foam during the manufacturing process. This creates higher R-values per square inch of foam.

Panel Thickness (inches)
Panel Type
4 ½
6 ½
8 ¼
10 ¼
12 ¼

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Need more R-value in a tighter wall space? ACME makes high quality Neopor panels.

Lamination Services

Need something different? We have laminated most everything!

  • T1-11 Siding
  • 5/8 CVX plywood
  • finish veneers
  • FRP board
  • DuraSip

Our Custom Presses allow us to assemble almost any type of panel quickly and cost effectively.

ACME MgO Panels with Jetboard

Fireproof, waterproof, moldproof MgO Panels are great for hard to build areas. MgO panels need to be engineered specifically for each project with a surrounding framing system. MgO panels are non-structural, meaning that lumber materials will need to be inserted at the panel edges. You can prime and paint right on the panels, condensing many steps into one. The seams of each panel will need to be finished with either a flexible sealant or covered. When building with MgO panels you will need to use galvanized screws. ACME only produces blank MgO panels.

Learn more here: Jet Products Brochure

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