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See the following resources for more information.

A complete library of all the connection details for walls and roofs using panels. ACME will also create custom details for your project and shown on our panel drawings.

Our installation manual for planning, building, and working with panels. Please review this manual before panels arrive on site to minimize the time needed for your building crew.

Here are a few Youtube videos going over some useful information for building a SIP home.

This very thorough guide recognized by Third Party expert Joe Lstubrick provides all the needed information on building with panels. Want it all? Learn to prepare your site for delivery, understand panel plans, and review how electrical, inserts, headers and other details are integrated into your designs.

There are three types of installation services ACME can provide: a site supervisor, a partial installation, or a complete installation. Find out more on our Installation Support page. 

In this free program SIPA offers short  individual training videos up to a  certification to become a Master SIP’s builder. Save time and labor by understanding panels before they arrive on site.

A third party study evaluation by the Department of Housing and Urban Development on using structural panels for wall construction. Reviews methods and success of using panels with very thorough details of design and installation.

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