Single Sided Panels Pricing

Nail base panels are great to use for walls and roofs.

They consist of an EPS foam core with a single layer of 7/16″ OSB applied to one surface. These panels are non-structural and can be used in specific situations, such as sheathing or tongue-and-groove decking.​

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ACME nailbase panels can be used in retrofits and renovations for barns, houses, churches and commercial buildings. The panels can be applied to an existing wall or roof to provide a nailing surface and a better continuous insulation. Doing so will provide savings on heating and cooling of a building without having to fully tear down the structure during renovation.

Nailbase panels can also be used over structural decking or tongue and groove to provide insulation and a continuous surface to apply finishes onto. Clients have screwed nailbase panels on the bottoms of their trusses to have a continuous insulation close to their living space, making heating and cooling much easier as well. 

Available Size Chart with Pricing




per SQFT



4' x 8' 4' x 10' 4' x 12' 4' x 14' 4' x 16'
4 $7.42 $237.44 $296.80 $356.16 $415.52 $474.88
6 $7.95 $254.40 $318.00 $381.60 $445.20 $508.80
7.75 $8.58 $274.56 $343.20 $411.84 $480.48 $549.12
9.75 $9.07 $290.24 $362.80 $435.36 $507.92 $580.48
11.75 $9.49 $303.68 $379.60 $455.52 $531.44 $607.36

Prices subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm current pricing. Last updated on 12/2/2022.

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