Benefits & Comparisons


Energy Efficiency & R Values

Energy Efficiency & R-Values ACME Panel Structural Insulated Panels help save energy! Using ACME Panel SIPs (roofs, walls and floors) for your cleaner, more efficient building is the greatest single step you can take to reduce the lifetime energy use of the building. ACME Panel SIPs use less energy than traditional construction in three main ... Read more

Economics of SIPs

Economics of SIPs How will choosing SIPs effect the overall cost of your building? How much do SIPs cost? ACME Panel proudly publishes all of its SIPs pricing along with a discussion on how to calculate other associated costs for your convenience here.  If you have plans and want specific numbers for your project, you ... Read more

When to use SIPs

When to use SIPs Are Structural Insulated Panels Right For You? Structural Insulated Panels—also known as SIPs—are high-performance building panels that consist of two sheets of OSB and a layer of rigid expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene foam insulation in between. Trying to decide if using SIPs are right for your project? Let us help ... Read more

Sustainability & Carbon Savings

Truth or Fiction? Sustainable or Greenwashed? Today many companies claim to be green but with a closer look can’t stand up to inspection. We aim to support the truly sustainable companies who integrate green practices as a part of their culture – we hope you do too. Building with SIPs dramatically improves the carbon footprint ... Read more

Healthier, Stronger & Safer

Stronger, Safer & Healthier Houses made with SIPs are more resilient and built to withstand today’s extreme weather. There has been an increase in record heat waves across the US over the past decade. Along with extreme heat there has been an escalation in the number of hurricanes and tornadoes as well. Building with Structural ... Read more