Virginia Home Features Panels that Span from Wall to Ridge Beam

Virginia Home Features Panels that Span from Wall to Ridge Beam

ACME Panel and Taylor Hollow Construction recently built a 3000-square-foot house without traditional trusses. 

To accomplish this feat, ACME Panel manufactured 22-foot-long roof SIP panels, that included the span from ridge beam to wall as well as overhang and pitch. 

The extra-long panels allowed for true vaulted ceilings without beams traversing them, creating the aesthetic the homeowner desired. It also simplified supply chain logistics because trusses did not have to be ordered separately. Finally, less dimensional lumber meant the house was built with a more sustainable process. 

Because of the thickness of the panels, each panel was strong enough to make the span independently with ACME’s standard spline connection. Because ACME had previously spent time and money developing a Code Report, ACME is able to figure out exactly how far each panel can safely span, creating unique and longer panels than some other companies. Because there were no trusses, the home utilized a Ridge Beam with vertical supports in strategic places. 

The design also did not sacrifice energy efficiency. In fact, an air leakage test revealed the house scored a .68 ACH50, which is an impressive score, even for SIPs.